Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fashion Tip 101: Suede Stains How to Get Them Out

I am here in sunny south Florida where the season is usually warm through out the entire year. But in the months where some states experience cold we Floridans normally get stuck with temperatures below 50's so we break out our Suede boots! So as I am pulling out my fav black suede boots that havent seen the light of day since last winter I notice had a stain on my boots that was already dried into the boots. I grabbed a newly pencil from my husbands back pack and literally erase the stain away. So I taught I'd share the tip with my readers. However when doing this make sure that the pencil is a new eraser that hasn't been used to erase pencil marks. What about dirt and scuffs? Just use a tooth brush and gentlly rub back and forth on the stain. This should bring those babies back to life!

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If you haven't gotten your pair of boots for the upcoming fall/winter season you can get your own pair pictured above here.

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