Friday, October 26, 2012

Peplum Stripes

Good day readers! I know your cussing me, lol because I haven't been blogging much. With the move to my new place and organzing my closet most importantly, furniture and home decor items I just haven't found the time. Not to mention I am stepping out on faith to start my own skin care and makeup business through Mary Kay. Many of you know I am also a Meet Mark rep however I don't believe Meet Mark can give me the balance needed to spread the word about good skin care. Don't get me wrong I love Meet Mark products especially their accessories and clothing items.  Mary Kay teaches women to enrich the inter them and not only how to apply makeup and how to have healthy and balanced skin care routine.

My makeup was done mostly with Mary Kay products! I am wearing the Medium Coverage #607 foundation, this is a light base foundation for oily skin which means ladies it there will be less shine. Can you say AMEN? I believe Mary Kay as the products that will work perfect with any skin type.

Before applying the lip stick I personal use the Satin Lip set every other day or two to three days. I love how it makes my lips soft and kissable, lol. The lipstick however is my favorite from Meet Mark.

The eyeshadow is from Mary Kay as well and I just applied using the backward C taught to me at John Casablanca School of Modeling. 

Be sure to tweet me @missdiva87 if you have questions on how to apply the makeup!

Now let's turn our attention to the clothing!!!!

So dinner at Applebee's was GREAT! I am so in love with the whole Peplum look and just had to do it for my readers since this is the first you will see me rocking the Peplum look. 

My Outfit
Necklace : Kimani Couture
Shoes: Macy's (old)
Jeans: Marshall's -unknown
Top: Marshalls - unknown
Bag: Burlington Coat Factory - Betsey Johnson Bag

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Maybelline Dream Fresh Freebie!

If anyone knows me knows that I LOVE freebies especially beauty freebies! I've been using Maybelline because it's so smooth on my skin and goes well with my skin tone. This is the one thing I haven't tried from thier collection so I am totally looking forward to sampling this and writing a review! So ladies HURRY and request your freebies....
How to get it: To request yours, click the link below to get to the Walmart Web site. Then, click "Get free sample" and fill out a short form. Curious about this product? Click here for our review of Maybelline® Dream Fresh BB Cream.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Peachy Sunday!

Wow, this is my first look for October! To celebrate Women's Health this month I decided to wear something to represent us. Usually it's pink but I wore a Forever21 Pink-Orange or Peach colored silk dress, close to pink, lol. I paired it with my favorite heels by Steve Madden. The accessories were a gold tennis bracelet my mom got me from Zales and my Bulova watch was a bday gift to myself from Macy's. The clutch is a clearance item I picked up from Rainbow. Makeup was done by me I wore Covergirl foundation and eyeshadow. Hope you guys like it!

Me and my fellow sisters Chrissy & Avi! We're Beautiful Amen!

What I wore

Dress: Forever 21
Heels: Steve Madden
Watch: Bulova
Clutch: Rainbow

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Shop The Cause

As we welcome October and we support the cause for Women's Health,, currently has several items in the Elle Kohl’s Cares Collection priced at just $2.50 each. Plus, you can also get $0.99 shipping per item (thru 10/17). I totally support this cause and strongly believe all women should take this month to make it a point to put their health first. With Kohl's committed to the cause all purchases 100% of the net profit supports women’s health initiatives.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Sorry For The Lack Of Posting

Omg! I feel so bad that I haven't been blogging it's just these past two weeks I've been apartment hunting and preparing myself for a move. Thank God I was able to move in a timely fashion into my new condo! More space in terms of rooming but not enough closet space so I've been wrapping my head around how to arrange my clothing. Anyways be on the look for more new post from me this week! Be sure to follow me on twitter @missdiva87

Miss Diva!