Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New HOD!

So ladies I am not sure if you have seen some of the new ad's for Beyonce's clothing line House of Dereon. I am so in love with the new look it's very mature sexy and boho chic. With the closing of Dereon and the much anticipated fall/winter collection of the high end brand House of Dereon, Beyonce and her team were inspired to release a collection based off the performance at the Glastonbury Music Festival last year. 

The fall delivery is focused around the 'boho inspired girl who attends the festival and includes floor length skirts, casual jersey tops paired with denim that is an homage to the alternative rock bands, their music and eclectic sense of style.
The winter release focuses around Bee's Glastonbury stage performance looks. Lots of sequined styles and an intensified color palette that uses strong shades of ruby & amethyst ground with black to create a bold, exciting fashion statement that evokes a luxe party theme and speaks to a rocker in all of us.

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